Meet Lawrence Cramer

HR Director at Inspired Villages

What’s your name and where do you come from?  (Don’t worry, this is not blind date!)
Lawrence Cramer 100% Irish as proved by my DNA results.

How are you affiliated to Inspired Villages?
I am the HR Director at Inspired Villages

So, you have decided to take part in An Inspired 1000 Miles, what prompted you to do so?
Crazy impetuous moment!! Thinking I was 20 again, and no drink involved!!

How will you be completing your personal challenge (cycling, walking, running, swimming etc.)?
Doing the whole ride

Enjoy the challenge as well as the pain!  but also for a very good cause - MIND

What is your previous experience?  Is this the furthest you have ever cycled/walked/run etc?
Have cycled 500 miles before over a week and completed the Prudential 100-mile ride London on 3 occasions. 

What’s your training schedule and how’s it going so far? 
Hard work!!

Are you adapting your nutrition in anyway?
Eating healthily, off the alcohol and shedding some pounds too

What are you most looking forward to?
The finish line on the Friday and having a beer, then flying out to Spain to stay with friends for the bank hols weekend to drink wine, (probably more than I would normally) and tapas. The food is great in Catalonia

Is there anything you are concerned about?
The whole crazy ride with lots of big hills!

How do you plan to address this?
 Head down and keep paddling (that’s not a spelling mistake)

Are you supporting Mind or another affiliated charity?

Mental health can hit anyone at any age so all the support we can provide by raising funds must be put to good use.

Why do you think it is important to link Inspired Villages to a health and wellbeing challenge?
Our focus is on the wellbeing of our colleagues and residents. We are running wellbeing workshops for managers and champions and mental health first aid at work sessions, there will be 50 people going through the training. We are also running personal health assessments

Anything else to add?
Nope – need to conserve my energy

Just for fun...

Introvert or Extrovert?   
ENTJ - MBTI profile – Can you work it out?

Early Bird or Night Owl?
Depends on the situation

Energy drink or plain old water?

Meat or veg?

Slow and steady or fast and furious?
Like to move at pace but also like to chills out in private moments. Depends on the situation

Think it through or act-now-think-later?
Depends on situation

Glass half full or half empty?
Glass half-full

Letters or email?
Email – but prefer personal conversations

Cat or dog?
3-legged cat called Ted. He still catches mice, birds and rabbits with heads off. Imagine if he was 10 times bigger!!

Town or country? 
Country – enjoy the fresh air to clear the MIND

And finally, is a Jaffa Cake a cake or a biscuit?
Mango and Coconut raw (Vegan) cake. It’s amazing. You would never eat dairy again?!

Thank you so much for taking part!  Best of luck with your challenge
Needs lots of LUCK and a few shoves up the hills.

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Training videos

Take a look at a selection of training videos as Lawrence prepares for the Inspired 1000 Mile Challenge... in Support of MIND

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