Customer questions

Is there a member of staff on site 24 hours a day?

In Phase One there will be a 24-hour on-call service for assistance in the event of an emergency or problem.

What security measures are in place?

For full peace of mind, measures will be introduced to provide security through both fencing and landscape treatment, controlled access points, 24-hour CCTV and a range of management security policies and procedures. The careful layout and arrangement of the village ensures people feel safe and secure and the ‘public’ spaces will have a high level of staff and occupier surveillance.

Is there sufficient car parking?

Separate to the lease you may be offered an allocated car parking space, which is offered under a licence.  This is renewable every 12 months.  There are spaces surrounding the apartment buildings and within the village centres.

Can friends/family come to stay with me?

Yes of course, your Inspired apartment is your home.  Our village facilities are available for them to use.  Please note that you cannot sub-let your apartment.

Can I bring a pet?

Yes you can bring a pet to live with you in the designated ‘pet friendly’ apartments.  There are some communal areas where pets are not permitted such as the library, brasserie and Wellness Centre but Inspired Villages are on the whole pet welcoming places.  Please ask for more information.

Can I make changes or improvements to my home?

Decorative work is allowed but please obtain our consent before carrying out any works to the property.

Am I responsible for my household bills?

Yes you will be in control and responsible for all household bills such as electricity, water, contents insurance and council tax.

What’s included in the fee?

Phase 1 includes:

  • Maintenance of the buildings and grounds and the village administration.
  • 24-hour on-call response.
  • Village transportation for local appointments, outings, shopping, etc.
  • Activities – a growing number of events, outings and activities will be available.  Extra costs will be charged for entrance fees and tickets for theatre trips, concerts, etc.
  • Telephone, television and WiFi for residents’ apartments.
  • Insurance, maintenance and repair contracts for the exterior of the buildings including window cleaning.

The following services are available in Phase 1 at an extra cost:

  • Lounge/coffee shop for morning coffee/light lunch/afternoon tea.
  • Home care – for housekeeping, personal care, shopping and accompanying residents on local outings.

How much is the service/maintenance charge?

£60 per week for Phase 1 due to availability of services at this time.  It will increase once the Village becomes fully operational.  Please ask our sales team for more information.

Is there a minimum age restriction for residents?

A minimum age of 65 applies.  If you are part of a couple, then only one of you needs to meet the minimum age.  And despite the name suggestion, you don’t actually need to be retired to live in an Inspired Village.

Can I choose my kitchen?

A carefully chosen selection of work surfaces, doors finishes, and floor options are available for early phase buyers to bespoke their kitchens. Once the build progresses to kitchens being fitted then the choice would be defined as ‘Designers Choice’. Once purchased then owners are of course able to make changes, within reason. The designers choice will be the default fit to all properties however there will be an opportunity to chose from 3 work surfaces to include the option of granite, a choice of handles and a choice of shaker style door fronts or simple gloss white doors.

Will village transport be available for people who buy in phase one ?

Yes of course!

What’s happening about recycling?

Each apartment will be fitted out with different coloured recycling bins.  Yes we are looking at having a central recycling area and feeding that by way of mobile bins on the trailer located in parts of the village for specific times during the week.  There will also be some recycling areas which are available for people to dispose of packaging and other material at any time.  However in such a relatively small community we may just revert to picking up the phone and asking the handy man to collect the packaging and take it directly to the central area.


What is happens if we have a second car?

We certainly aim to resolve individual requirements wherever we can. Parking is always an issue on new village developments due to restrictions placed on us by the planners, and for this reason we restrict parking to one place and do not provide a dedicated place for those without a car. There is visitor parking allocated as well. In the early years people tend to have more cars than later on when the village matures, and so if a second car is an absolute necessity then we would aim to advise about local storage. Some more rural villages provide greater opportunities for additional parking. It is of course in everyone’s interest that parking is discreet and does not dominate the village landscape.


Do apartments have adequate storage space?

All apartments have storage designed into them. We fully understand that storage is a major issue for people downsizing however, through experience, central storage becomes unmanageable and can often grow beyond control. Each apartment will have reasonable storage areas located mainly in the hall ways. Those apartments that share a lift and common access have a store area which will be subdivided into sections creating approx 1.5m3 of space. (There is no similar provision for the walk up apartments in the village centre however, there will be caged store areas for suitcases etc for each apartment). We are working closely with a comprehensive storage company and we’re hoping to deliver a package deal which can be between 2m3 to half a garage or a garage. Please call for more details.

What level of support/care is available?

Bluebird Care, our domiciliary care provider is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), a Government appointed body, which regulates services and aims to improve social care. 

Their team is here, not just to deliver care when requested or required for residents of the apartments, but also to provide comfort to residents that help is available in the event of an emergency, accident or illness; or should their health deteriorate and their needs change accordingly.

All the care plans and delivery of care are overseen by a Registered Nurse who will provide bespoke advice to any resident on an individual basis.k

Can I sell my home if I wish?

You can sell your home and we reserve the right to buy your property first.  There will be fees to pay when the property is sold and these will be explained to you in detail when you first contact us to express your interest in buying an apartment. But in summary, the fees will amount to between 4% and 10% of the sale price of the apartment depending upon how long you have owned the property at the time you sell. We recommend that your solicitor checks through them and fully explains them to you.

Will I own the apartment where I live?

Inspired apartments are offered on a leasehold basis, which is how most flats and apartments are sold.  Leasehold gives you ownership of a portion of the building (your apartment) for a set period of time.  At Inspired Villages this is for the remainder of a 125 year lease which began on 18th January 2017.  Your lease is a legal document so we recommend your solicitor checks through it with you.