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You don’t want to give up your independence. And you don’t need to. Because Gifford Lea offers all the support and reassurance you could hope for. With an expert team on-site to provide personalised care in the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

The level of care we offer is completely tailored to the individual. For the majority of people who own homes within our villages we provide no care at all and they are simply comforted by the knowledge that it’s available should they ever require it. For others care may be as little as a bit of help putting shopping away or half an hour of support in the morning.

If a more serious care need should arise, then we offer any service you’d find in a traditional care or nursing home, from 24-hour care to end-of-life. The only conditions we can’t support are challenging behaviour and mental illness as our open residential environment wouldn’t be suitable for the patient or community. In such a situation we’d work with the individual and their family to find an appropriate solution. 

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