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An Inspired village is a place where age matters less and where remaining engaged and active is the key to loving life. You want to keep your independence and we are committed to helping and supporting you to do just that. Our village environments actively help to encourage your wellbeing, through the social activities, clubhouse, wellness centre and the accessibility and considered layout of your home.

However, in time, many of us may require additional care and support to help us maintain a good life. An Inspired Village aims to provide a ‘flexible care environment’ able to provide just the right amount of help and support that you need. We understand that everyone is different; and that means that their preferences and needs are different too.

Austin Heath Wellbeing
Austin Heath Wellbeing

An Inspired Village offers the following services aimed at supporting residents and helping to maximise their wellbeing. These services are available to all residents and the cost is included in the service charge.

24-hour reassurance

This is a service essentially for peace of mind. In the event that you have to call a member of staff they will be able to offer comfort and reassurance. If an emergency service is required they can liaise to ensure prompt attendance and to ensure, in accordance with residents wishes, that friends and family are contacted.

Wellbeing Navigator

The ‘Wellbeing Navigator’ role is a key role in the management structure of the village. The Navigator role is very resident focused and is the primary point of contact to assist in day-to-day issues around wellbeing. This could be as simple as help with filling a form or arranging a repair, to offering support in social activities or events. This is a connecting role helping those who wish to make the most of village life.

Austin Heath Wellbeing
Austin Heath Wellbeing
Austin Heath Wellbeing

If in time your needs change and greater levels of care and support are required, then the navigator can help put the right arrangements in place in accordance with your needs and wishes.

Services are available to all residents and are charged separately. 

Domestic Help

This can include regular house cleaning, laundry, spring clean, shopping. In fact, as everyone is different we aim to offer as flexible and varied a menu as possible.

Personal Care

In time, someone’s needs may go beyond simple domestic support. Personal care in the form of assistance, for example, with bathing, dressing, medication and nutrition may be required. Residents are of course entirely free to purchase personal care services from the provider of their choice. However, each village has an identified ‘preferred provider’. ‘The ‘preferred provider’ is always a Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered provider and the Village Wellbeing Navigator will work closely with them to enable a quality and responsive service.

Our aim is to enable residents to maximise their wellbeing, despite the challenges that can come with age. Indeed, evidence is mounting that living in a village environment like ours can significantly reduce the risk of needing to move to a care home. However, if this happens we’d work with you and your family to find an appropriate solution.

Assisted Living

You may not need assisted living right away, but we are here for when you do. We have a significant number of apartments in each village allocated as Assisted Living Suites available to purchase or rent. For those who rent, we can wrap up a package of hospitality and support to suit an individual’s needs so that there is often no need for a care home – ever…

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Austin Heath
Austin Heath

At Austin Heath, your care partner is Helping Hands Home Care (Stratford and Warwick). Founded in 1989, Helping Hands is one of the UK’s leading home care providers, we deliver high-quality homecare centred around you and your needs to keep you comfortable in your own home, with all the tools you need to empower your independence. Every care package is tailored to your individual needs, from as little as a 30-minute visit each week, up to 24-hour full-time live-in care. Whether you require short-term support following an illness or whilst your usual carer is away, or perhaps you’d benefit from ongoing care to support your lifestyle and routines. Whatever your needs, our customer care specialists will be happy to discuss your requirements.

At Austin Heath, all regulated care services are through an independent CQC registered provider. 

To benefit from care services, you will need to enter into an agreement between you and the provider and pay charges directly to them.  

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