A new retirement community in Boston Spa

Inspired Villages has launched a public consultation regarding exciting proposals for a new integrated retirement community and care home at Low Mills Farm, off High Street, in Boston Spa to meet the needs of older people in the area.

An Inspired village offers older people the opportunity to live independently in their own home as part of a wider community, enhancing lifestyles of older people. 

This proposal would help meet an identified local need for this type of accommodation and includes a range of homes and communal facilities within landscaped grounds.

Before a planning application is submitted to Leeds City Council, we want to hear from the local community. We are also seeking an allocation in the Leeds Local Plan.

Inspired Villages is an award winning developer and operator of retirement communities, backed by Legal & General and NatWest with nine operational communities, and more in the pipeline.


Please also join our public drop-in exhibition to learn more:
Wednesday 27th March 2024 – 3-7pm, Boston Spa Village Hall, LS23 6AA.

Boston Spa site

Low Mills Farm

The site

The proposed development site is known locally as ‘Low Mills Farm’ and is located off the A659 (High Street) in Boston Spa. The site is bounded by Green Lane to the West.

The site is located adjacent to existing development limits of Boston Spa and would form a natural extension of the village.

The proposal

Our vision is for a self-contained and sustainable community which provides a high standard of care and support for people living with care needs. An Inspired Village would provide much-needed Extra Care support for local older people, and offers older people the opportunity to live independently in their own home as part of a wider community.

Our proposals include:

  • A range of homes including up to 180 apartments, cottages and bungalows.
  • An approximately 50-60 bed care home.
  • On-site communal facilities such as a restaurant, café, health and fitness centre, a spa and wellness centre, hairdressers, and shops, some of which would be open to the surrounding community (subject to restrictions).
  • A central Clubhouse will be a focal point of the development to encourage a sense of place and promote community interaction.
  • Extensive landscaped grounds to promote biodiversity and wellbeing.
  • Renewable and low carbon energy generation by on-site solar panels, EV-charging, building fabric and insulation, heat pumps and high efficiency lighting systems.
  • Flexible provision of care and support on-site to meet the needs of residents as required, with 24/7 on-site staff presence.
  • Regular minibus transport provided to reduce the need for private cars in the village.
Boston Spa Masterplan

What benefit would this Integrated Retirement Community provide for Boston Spa?

  • Purpose-built and high-quality extra care accommodation to meet local demand.
  • Wellbeing and recreation facilities which can be available to local residents.
  • New jobs and employment opportunities for local people through the build and in the running of the Integrated Retirement Community.
  • Helping to facilitate the freeing up of local housing stock.
  • New opportunities to collaborate with age-related charities to help reduce loneliness in the elderly.
  • Opportunities for increased custom in local businesses.
  • A reduction in the strain on the NHS and Adult Social Care.

Why is a retirement community required?

The population of Leeds is ageing and notably so with the age cohorts most at risk of developing a need for care services.

The number of people aged 65 and above within Leeds City Council’s area is projected to increase by 24% by 2040. This will create significant further pressures as existing Extra Care Housing cannot meet the increased demands of modern care provision.

The challenges around Extra Care provision will mean there are less options for older people to continue to live independently when their support needs mean their current home is no longer suitable. This impact of this on many older people’s mental and physical health could be significant.

A lack of purpose-built Extra Care housing would have knock-on impacts for younger people as more older people are forced to remain in unsuitable family homes.

Therefore, it is vitally important to address these growing issues by investing in modern, purpose-built and high-quality Extra Care Housing to serve the local community. A new Inspired Village at Boston Spa would help to address this challenge.

Award-winning developer and operator of vibrant Integrated Retirement Communities

Who are Inspired Villages?

Inspired Villages are an award-winning developer and operator of vibrant Integrated Retirement Communities in the UK, and are majority-owned and fully funded by Legal & General. We currently have nine operational villages and further sites under construction.

Furthermore we have 20 sites in the pipeline for potential development. Inspired Villages does not just build and sell homes, we are a longterm investor in communities committed to integrating into the local community to transform the later living experience. You can find out more about our operational villages by visiting the websites below:

Our villages


About Yorkare and the care home

At Yorkare Homes we aim for our residents to enjoy this chapter of their lives in a safe and luxurious environment, whilst being offered a varied and engaging range of social activities. This is achieved by our dedicated activities staff, high quality home cooked food and luxurious facilities at every home. Whether it’s to share a meal or drink in the bar or watch a film together in the cinema, visiting friends and family are encouraged to join us at any time the resident wishes.

We will provide both residential and dementia care and there is an under supply of local high quality Care beds. There is also an ageing population which increases demand on the need for local care home facilities, that this care home is required to meet that demand. This new care home will create around 60 new jobs.

How are we considering sustainability and transport?

We are committed to delivering sustainable developments which promote biodiversity, low carbon generation via renewable energy, and promote sustainable travel. The buildings will be designed to a high standard of sustainability, including:

  • Photovoltaic (solar) panels
  • Modern building fabric and insulation
  • Heat pumps
  • High efficiency lighting systems.

Our proposals promote a range of travel options:

  • Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points throughout the village
  • Minibus and private electric taxi system for residents to reduce reliance on private vehicles
  • Pedestrian and cycle routes throughout the site. The pedestrian routes encourage movement through the village towards the public right of way which runs south of the site
  • Primary site vehicle accesses via A659 (High Street)
  • Parking spaces would be distributed across the site with a 1:1 parking arrangement for residents, with additional parking for staff and visitors. This will aim to ensure the development does not negatively impact parking in surrounding areas.
Inspired Villages

Have your say

We would like to hear your views on the proposed retirement community at Boston Spa.

Please complete the details in Section 1 and then answer the questions in Section 2. Your feedback is much appreciated and will help to inform our proposals for Boston Spa.

Do you think that there is local demand for purpose-built accommodation for older people?
Please tick here if you or a family member/friend would be interested in living at this retirement community.
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Privacy Policy:

The data you provide is being collected by Royal Pilgrim Communications (on behalf of Inspired Villages) who can be contacted on 0113 335 0033 or [email protected]). The lawful basis for processing this data is Legitimate Interests for the purposes of this consultation, to gather your opinion on the proposals and to enable us to contact you regarding the project in the future. You can opt out of any contact by ticking the box below or contacting us at any time. You do not have to provide any personal data in order to comment on this proposal. We will not publish or share your personal data with any third parties except the project team where appropriate. A copy of the comments that you make regarding the proposal will be provided to the Local Planning Authority as part of the planning process and so that it can note the comments made, but no personal data will be shared, other than any personal data you choose to put in the comments section. Your personal data will be stored securely for the lifetime of the project which will be until the development is complete or a decision is made not to progress the project. You have the right to access, amend, object and remove the data we hold about you at any time.

Next steps and contact

Our public consultation includes a public drop-in exhibition on Wednesday 27th March 2024. You can also submit feedback via our website survey.

Following the public consultation feedback will be analysed and will inform the submission of a planning application to Leeds City Council. At that stage, residents will be able to view the submitted documents and comment to the Council directly. 


Following this public consultation an application will be submitted to Leeds City Council and they will then make a decision in a few months.   Following this we will have a clearer idea on next steps and timeframes.


If you have any questions about the proposals, in the first instance please contact our project communications team at:

[email protected] or 0800 089 0362