6 fun part time jobs perfect for retirees

Many of us dream of the day where we hand in our notice for the final time and wave goodbye to the working world, but for others, the thought of not having a job can be daunting.

Being retired doesn’t mean you have to quit working completely there are a number of part-time jobs that are perfect for those not wanting to wave goodbye to the working world completely.

There are many reasons someone might want a job in retirement, for some having a part-time job in retirement might be to make some extra money or it might be to stay involved and keep minds active and healthy. Whatever the reason we’ve listed some of our favourite part-time jobs below.

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Sell your homemade crafts online

This may seem like an obvious one or something everyone seems to be doing but hear us out. In recent years, there has been a big shift in the way we buy goods, with a much bigger focus on handmade items from small businesses and independent sellers. If you have a hobby of making things, whether this is candles, soaps, knitted goods or other craft items, then why not turn it into a small business and make some extra money doing what you love.

We recommend setting up a shop on Etsy, the website is easy to use and they help you set up your online store step by step. Even though they do take a small fee from sales, they showcase your product to a number of potential buyers and keep all your payments safe and secure.



Tutoring a child or a young person can be extremely rewarding, after years of gathering knowledge why not share this with the younger generation. There are often lots of opportunities to tutor students in a range of different subjects, therefore you can choose one that you have an interest and knowledge in. Private tutors on average charge around £20 - £40 per hour and the best part is you can choose how many hours a week you work. It is also very rewarding to watch your student develop and improve as each week passes. 

There are many different websites you can get started on, we recommend taking a look at Tutorfair, you can register to become a tutor via the website, and they’ll help you find students to tutor.


Dog Walking

Not only is dog walking a great way to earn a bit of extra cash, but it is also beneficial for your health. It is a great reason to get outdoors and increase your daily exercise with the company of one or more furry companions. Wherever you live, there are most likely people looking for trustworthy, reliable people to walk their furry friends. You can advertise in your local area by word of mouth, putting up flyers or posting flyers through people’s doors. Or, you can use a website like Tailster, which can help you find dogs that need walking online.



If you’ve spent years in the corporate world, you may have gained an extensive level of knowledge and experience that can help other businesses grow. Working as a part-time consultant you can share your specialist knowledge and experience with companies without them needing to hire staff internally.

Many businesses look to outsource work to those with the specific skills they require, whether they need help with managing their finances, building a website or just advice on how to take their business to the next level. We bet you’ll be surprised at just how valuable the skills you’ve developed are.


Shop Assistant

If you’re looking to get out of the house and into a physical job environment then why not look into getting a part-time job in one of your favourite retail establishments, whether this is your favourite clothes shop or your favourite café. Working in a coffee shop or local store is a great way to meet new people and feel connected to your local community.  

If you’re not looking for a permanent part-time role, why not take advantage of businesses looking for temporary staff. Many companies offer temp roles during Christmas time and other busy periods of the year, this is a great way to earn some extra money around the holiday and you may even get a discount on your shopping.


Freelance Writer / Blogger

Being a freelance writer or blogger is a great option for retirees as you can do it at any time from anywhere. Many websites offer money in return for articles and content pieces on a variety of different topics. There are a number of different online website that can help you find the perfect freelance writing jobs for you; we recommend websites such as Upwork.

Or, if you just have a passion for something, whether that’s gardening, photography or just sharing your general thoughts then why not start a blog. Over time as your following and audience grow you may start to be able to earn money through ad revenue and working with business and companies whose produces you use and love.


Moving to an Inspired Village

You don't have to be fully retired to move to an Inspired Village. So, if you're fully retired or working part-time and thinking about moving to one of our retirement villages we can help you make your decision.

Here at Inspired Villages, we have many different types of properties all over the UK, from Exeter to Warwick. If you’re looking to move and considering a retirement village, we can help you find the perfect property. Whether you choose to downsize or whether you're looking for some extra space for a home office or your own crafts room, we can help!
If you’d like to find out more about us and the benefits and attractions of renting or buying a home in an Inspired village, get in touch today or read our blog on the benefits of living in a retirement village

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