How we support mental wellbeing at Inspired Villages - Mental Health Awareness Day

Here at Inspired Villages, we're proud to be supporting World Mental Health Awareness Day - but more than that, we're committed to improving mental wellbeing for all those in our villages - residents and staff.  Looking after your mental health is crucial which is why mental health is one of our ‘Four Pillars of Wellbeing’, a concept central to our ethos of helping people live the best years of their life with us. With the current pandemic causing increased loneliness, especially amongst older people, it’s never been more important to focus on mental health. 

We know there’s always more to be done, but here are some of the ways in which we are helping support the mental wellbeing of our residents.

Wellbeing navigators

At every single one of our villages, we have wellbeing navigators who ensure that every single one of our residents never feels isolated. Sometimes talking to friends and family about what’s going on is hard, so having someone else to talk to like our wellbeing navigators can be really beneficial. Our wellbeing navigators also help encourage people to stay connected through technology as well encourage residents to get involved in the village communities and group activities they organise, like exercise groups and arts and craft groups.


One of the things we are most proud of at our Inspired Villages is the sense of community at each of them. Our villages are designed with communal facilities such as restaurants, swimming pools, libraries and cinemas where residents and members of the local community can meet and have fun.  Plus our villages are full of people looking to grow by meeting new people, try new things and embrace life – which creates positive environments and a true sense of community. As we get older and our friends and family move away it can often leave us feeling a little isolated and lonely. At Inspired Villages we want our residents to feel the exact opposite. You can read residents accounts of making friends in our villages here.


Keeping active through regular exercise is a great way of looking after your mental health as well as your physical health. 

 “Exercise is great for your mental health because it releases feel-good hormones, promotes better sleep and helps to manage stress, anxiety and a busy mind,” says Leah Jackson, Wellness Navigator at Inspired Villages. “We have a variety of different activities available at Inspired Villages from beautiful organised walks outside in the fresh air, to digital exercise classes bringing residents together to help to improve both body and mind.”

The natural surroundings

Nature is often overlooked but enjoying half an hour out and about in nature breathing in the fresh air and getting some sunlight can really boost your mood. Our villages are full of green spaces for residents and their loved ones to enjoy including a grass amphitheatre, woodland walks, a lake, wildflower meadows and beautiful gardens.  Plus all our villages are close to beautiful countryside or seaside, so residents never run out of beautiful surroundings to explore to help lift their mood. 

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