Living their best lives – Veronica & George

Veronica Pert, 65, has been keeping fit throughout the pandemic thanks to Inspired’s online exercise classes, as well as YouTube workouts and regular walks. More recently, Veronica, who lives with her husband George, 70, at Millbrook Village, has been back using the on-site gym and pool. Here, she reveals she feels fitter than she’s ever felt since moving to the village.

I’ve been using Zoom for virtual exercise classes at Millbrook, such as ‘stretch and tone’ with wellness navigator Leah Jackson. Before Covid-19, I attended the actual classes, so using Zoom has helped the residents to continue taking part through the pandemic.

I’ve also been using YouTube to keep fit, including Joe Wicks’ free exercise sessions for seniors. At the beginning of the lockdown I was doing his workouts every day. And I heard about Lucy Wyndham-Read, who was doing HIIT workouts.

I feel fitter here now than I’ve ever done. I’m exercising more and walking more, because George and I bought a dog after we moved to the village.

At Millbrook everything is on-site, so I don’t have to travel to go to an exercise class. I went swimming here every day before the lockdown and went to the gym three times a week.

I’ve started going back to the gym. There’s a booking system to let everyone have a chance. I now use the gym twice a week and swim twice a week. And I’m still doing the virtual classes run by Inspired, and the YouTube videos. I feel a lot healthier.

I like to exercise because I want to be able to move around. It’s important for me to keep mobile as I get older. I try to do 10,000 steps a day. We were given fitness trackers by Inspired, so that’s what we use.

I’ve been using technology more since the lockdown. It’s helped because we can see our two sons on video calls. I’ve been using WhatsApp, Zoom, and I check on Facebook every day. I use Facebook for friends and family, and I follow Diabetes UK on there (I have Type 2 diabetes).

I also follow Inspired’s Virtual Village Centre on Facebook. I like the recipes and free exercise classes that are put on there.

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