New Beehives Create a Buzz of Excitement Among Residents at Elderswell Retirement Village

Buzzing with Joy: How Beehives Enhance Village Life


Elderswell retirement village, in Turvey, is buzzing with excitement as it proudly announces an eco-friendly addition to its gardens: brand-new beehives.

With growing concerns over the dwindling bee population reaching an all-time high, Elderswell retirement village has taken a proactive approach by introducing a safe haven for the important insects who are an integral part of our ecosystem.

The introduction of the beehives not only benefits the bees, however, as the installation aligns with Elderswell's mission to promote active and healthy lifestyles among its residents. With the beehives placed in the community garden, residents are encouraged to spend more time outdoors, soaking up the sunshine and relishing in the therapeutic benefits of gardening.


The idea to introduce the beehives to Elderswell was thought up by Head Gardener Darren De St-Denis, who commented: “It was an idea I had when I joined the Elderswell team, as I had completed my beekeeping course a year or so before, and I believed it was a great opportunity for us here. We plan to start with two hives this year and then increase the numbers as time goes on.”

In addition to fostering a thriving environment for both the bees and their residents, Elderswell hopes to give back to the local community through the production of its very own locally produced honey in the not-so-distant future, which will be available to purchase from the village’s own shop.


Managed by Inspired Villages, a leading later-living operator, Elderswell offers state-of-the-art facilities open to both residents and the local community. The first phase of the village includes 76 homes and the village centre, housing a restaurant, café, wellness centre (featuring a fitness studio, gym, and jacuzzi pool), and a library.

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