New Homes Week: Why Move to a New Home?

New Homes Week

A New Home in a New Stage of Life

New build homes are primarily portrayed as catering to people making a start in life – newlywed couples and growing families – think large gardens for the kids to play, garages to house the family car and spacious living spaces to entertain.

But here at Inspired Villages, we ask what happens when the children grow up and leave the home? After the death of a partner? Or after a life-changing accident? Are the homes we raised our families in suited to our changing needs as we enter later life?

Choosing to move during retirement is a big decision, but sometimes an inspired answer is right under your nose. A new home at Inspired Villages blends comfort, convenience, and design, tailored for later life. Let’s explore the benefits of buying a new home in a new stage of life.

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Millfield Green Bedroom designed by Cocoa Designs


Contemporary Interiors

Who says later life can’t be stylish? Apartments and communal areas are intended to quietly exude elegance and most importantly, comfort, with every element chosen to make life feel that extra bit special. Catch the scent of the fresh flowers and tread plush carpet underfoot. Our villages are homes after all! All interiors are designed by Cocoa Designs who also offers packages to residents – with not an ounce of beige in sight… unless you request it of course.

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Elderswell Kitchen with eye-level appliances

A bathroom with a shower and sink</p>
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Elderswell Bathroom with a walk-in shower


Designed for Later Life

We know that as we get older, our homes just might stop working for us, with perhaps it’s the challenges of moving around, or the general upkeep eating up our time and energy. Our design philosophy ensures that residents can enjoy their homes, without compromising on style or functionality. From wide doorways and walk-in showers to eye-level appliances and step-free thresholds, every aspect is designed for later life.

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Ledian Gardens Pool and Wellness Centre


All-Inclusive Facilities

One of our hallmarks is our comprehensive range of facilities. Living at an Inspired Village means you’ll have access to everything you need just a stone’s throw from your front door. You could visit the Wellness Centre and take a swim in the morning, meet friends for coffee at the cafe in the afternoon and snuggle up with a good book in the library before heading off to bed.