The benefits of living in a retirement village

Choosing to move during retirement is a big decision and there are lots of things to consider, however, there are also many benefits to being part of a retirement community. Whether you are looking for a manageable home that gives you security, the freedom to pursue dreams that have been put on hold, or just fancy a fresh start somewhere new with beautiful surroundings and interesting activities on offer, then moving to a retirement village may be the perfect decision for you. 

So many of our residents tell us they wish they’d moved sooner, here are just some of the many benefits they have noted from moving to a retirement community. 

1. Chance to ‘rightsize’ to a manageable home

With no children in the house, or if you no longer require the extra office space, you may find yourself with space that you just don’t need anymore and is proving a hassle to maintain. Moving out of your home can be a daunting decision but downsizing, or ‘rightsizing’ as we prefer to call it, can deliver huge financial and practical benefits. Rightsizing is a great way to free up time you’d otherwise spend maintaining and cleaning your house, and you may even gain some extra capital as a result, meaning you’ll have more money to spend on enjoying daily life and the chance to travel to destinations you’ve always dreamed of.

Rightsizing is also a great chance to have a clear-out. It is easy to accumulate a lot of stuff during your life – stuff that you don’t need but clutters your home. Moving during retirement is the perfect time to go through these items. Not only is having a clear-out extremely satisfying and a great de-stressor,  you may even find things you’ve forgotten about or unwanted things you can sell to make some extra money. 

2. Live somewhere new

Have you always wanted to live closer to the sea or the countryside? Then moving in retirement may be a perfect time, with fewer commitments like a job or children holding you back – you have more freedom to live wherever you want. At Inspired Villages, we have several retirement villages throughout the whole of the UK. If you’re wanting to move closer to the coast then why not choose to move to Millbrook retirement village in Exeter which is only a short drive away from the Devonshire coast? Or, if you’re looking to move to the countryside then Great Alne Park retirement village in Warwickshire may be perfect with its 78 acres of parkland and 20 acres of woodland – great for those wanting to spend their days exploring the beautiful countryside.

There are many retirement villages all over the UK to choose from located on the edge of towns or in scenic countryside, so whether you're looking to move closer to a beautiful location or to be closer to family and friends you will be able to find a retirement village that suits your needs. 

3. Make new friends

During retirement a lot of people move to be closer to their families, so you may find friends are moving away. However, Inspired’s retirement villages have a great sense of community and lots of activities on offer in the village centre – which is perfect for those wanting to make new friends with like-minded people who are at the same stage in life. 

“There’s lots of activities and I usually organise swimming pool pilates once a week. There’s really something for everyone to enjoy; bridge, painting, singing and it’s easy to make friends if you join something you enjoy,” says Mary, a resident at Inspired’s retirement community in West Sussex, Durrants

4. Freedom to travel 

Free from the commitments of work and childcare, your later years are a perfect time to travel to those places you’ve always dreamed of visiting. Living in a retirement village means you can do this secure in the knowledge there is a village team on site to make sure your property is safe while you travel. 

“There’s overnight security with CCTV cameras. It means I can lock and leave my home and that the village manager is on hand to contact me if anything were to happen that I need to know about,” says Stephen, a resident at Great Alne Park, who loves to travel. 

“It’s also convenient. At my old home, I used to spend ages checking and rechecking I’d turned everything off, locked the doors and such. Now I can ring the village manager for reassurance if I think I have forgotten something, or am worried about something. If I am expecting a delivery – my regular delivery of wine, say, or my weekly laundry – I can just leave a message with the village reception and they will take care of it. That gives me peace of mind that deliveries won’t be left outside in the bad weather or mislaid.”

5. Wellbeing support

Retirement villages like the ones operated by Inspired Villages are dedicated to supporting the physical and mental wellbeing of residents. Facilities such as swimming pools and gyms as well as a team of fitness instructors are on hand to support residents with reaching any health goals, as well as prepare for and recover from planned surgery. 

Furthermore, the village team are always on hand to help out if any assistance is required and can be a reassurance for worried children. Carol, who lives at Bramshott Place, says her 3 children couldn’t be more supportive of her move to the retirement community. “They can’t praise it enough; they know mum is ok. They used to ring every day to check on me but now we Facetime once or twice a week.”

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