The Potty Potter: Your Virtual Gardener

Looking after your physical and mental wellbeing can be done easily, get gardening! The Potty Potter, brought to you by Inspired Villages’ Head of Horticulture, Pilar Dell, is now available through our online community to do this with you from your very own home.

It’s a potty time. Who would’ve told us a few weeks ago that we would all be semi-confined at home and facing a possible curfew situation. It’s at times like these that people become extremely creative looking for ways to find some sort of normality in their lives. So, I thought it would be a great idea to get us all doing a bit of gardening at home. Simple and enjoyable tasks that we can all do, nothing complicated. I can meet you all here a couple of times a week and do some gardening at home with videos and blog post that I hope you will find useful. Some of the video sessions will include:

  • Seed sowing
  • Tips on garden maintenance techniques
  • Top plants to grow in small spaces
  • Potting up seedlings
  • Watering tips – very important!
  • How to order what you need for this online
  • Best compost mixes
  • How to approach a task and which tools to use
  • How to create beautiful pots with herbs, vegetables and your favourite plants

And the list goes on…

Now, having the privilege of being able to enjoy a bit of nature on your doorstep is something we do have at our villages. Just a bit of fresh air and noticing what is happening around us in nature will make a huge difference to our wellbeing. Just today, I learnt that our residents at Great Alne Park in Alcester are enjoying the newly created woodland path walks. The works have only just finished and residents are extremely happy to be able to take a walk through the woodland at a time when we have to isolate from the world.

I can’t be there at the moment but I have been able to visit one of my preferred local outdoor spaces where I volunteer on Saturdays doing propagation and managing the curation of the National Plant Collections, the Sheffield Botanical Gardens.

There is a lot happening around us in the gardens as spring is only just starting but if there is one plant to look at today and in the next couple of weeks, one that will not last long in its flowering season, it’s the Camellia.

If you can’t find any around you here a couple I saw today:

Camellia x williamsii ‘Donation’
Camellia x williamsii ‘Donation’
Camellia hybrid ‘Winton’
Camellia hybrid ‘Winton’ at Sheffield Botanical Gardens is a cross between C. cuspidata and C. saluensis
Camellia hybrid ‘Winton’, even the petals fallen on the ground make a nice effect mixed with the deep blue flowers of Vinca.
Camellia hybrid ‘Winton’, even the petals fallen on the ground make a nice effect mixed with the deep blue flowers of Vinca.

If this has made you fall in love with Camellias, look out for my next post where I’ll give you a selection of the best cultivars and tips on how to grow Camellias in pots.

See you then!

The Potty Potter!

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