Tips for Improving WIFI Signal at Home

A slow internet connection is a drag at the best of times, now we are all being advised to stay in our homes apart from one outdoor exercise a day, poor wifi can be even more irritating. 

If you’re experiencing this issue, try the below tips to get your internet back up to speed and your browsing plans back on track. 

  • Position your internet router as far as possible from other devices that may interfere with the signal. Devices that can interfere include: cordless phones, halogen lamps, dimmer switches, stereos, computer speakers, monitors and TVs. 
  • Place it on a table or shelf rather than the floor. 
  • Keep your router switched on at all times instead of switching it off when you’re not using internet. 
  • If you're carrying out video calls and your screen keeps freezing, turn the video function off; using audio will require much less of your internet connection.
  • Try starting those calls at less common times, rather than on the hour or half hour.
  • Where possible, try not to use a telephone extension lead, as these can cause interference which could lower your speed.
  • For the best broadband speeds, use an ethernet cable to connect your computer directly to your router rather than using wi-fi.
  • The more devices you have connected to your wifi, the slower your internet speed will be. Even if you’re not using the other devices, things like tablets and smartphones often keep working in the background.  So, if you can, disconnect devices that are not in use. 
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