Working in retirement

Just because you have reached retirement age, doesn’t mean you have to stop working. More and more retirees are continuing to work during retirement for a range of different reasons. Some people continue working to have some extra money to spend, or maybe you enjoy working and having a routine. Whatever the reason, don’t feel pressured to stop working just because you are at retirement age.


Do I have to stop working in retirement?

The decision is completely up to you. You may find that you can’t wait to stop working or maybe you’re dreading it. There are some exceptions on where you can work, but you can work as much and as little as you like.

Many people love their jobs and thrive from them, which can make leaving or giving up work difficult. You may have spent years working in the same place, surrounded by the same colleagues making the thought of retirement daunting. If you don’t want to give up work altogether then reducing your days or hours may be more suitable.


Will I lose my sense of purpose if I give up working?

After working for many years, it can be daunting to give up your job and have a lot more free time. If you’re putting off retirement as you’re worried about how to fill your time, then read our blog on what to do with your time in retirement and how to make it enjoyable.

Pre-planning emotionally is important when entering retirement. As with any big life change, like starting school or your first full-time job, it can be difficult to adjust and get used to your new life and routine. The journey through retirement can be broken down into 5 different stages, from pre-planning for retirement to being content and happy with the life you are living - so it's normal to be apprehensive and feel like you're losing your sense of purpose for a little bit. If you're nearing retirement and feeling overwhelmed and stressed, then we can help. Read our blog on how to prepare emotionally for retirement.


Can I switch to part-time working in retirement?

You may decide to wave goodbye to your full-time job but are not quite ready to wave goodbye to the working world altogether. Part-time jobs are perfect for those still wanting the perks of a job without the full-time commitment. There are many different types of part-time jobs you can do, from working in retail to starting your own crafts business. Some residents in Inspired villages sell their arts and crafts, volunteer at National Trust properties and we’ve even got one who is still a practising chair caning specialist, recently awarded an MBE for his work!

If you are looking for some part-time job inspiration, then read our blog on some fun part-time jobs perfect for retirees.


Will I be taxed if I continue to work in retirement?

If you decide to continue working full-time or part-time in retirement, you will still be liable for income tax. However, you won’t have to pay National Insurance contributions once you have reached the state pension age.

It is important to consider that if you do decide to continue working, but also claim your state pension or any private pensions, this may tip you into a higher tax bracket.


Moving to an Inspired Village

You don't have to be fully retired to move to an Inspired Village. So, if you're fully retired or working part-time, and thinking about moving to one of our retirement villages, we can help you decide.

Here at Inspired Villages, we have many different types of properties all over the UK, from Exeter to Warwick. If you’re looking to move and considering a retirement village, we can help you find the perfect property. Whether you’re choosing to downsize, or you're looking for some extra space for a home office or your own crafts room, we can help!
If you’d like to find out more about us, and the benefits and attractions of renting or buying a home in an Inspired village, get in touch today or read our blog on the benefits of living in a retirement village

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