Alternative Care Options

Our retirement village model has been created with the ultimate vision of replacing traditional forms of care, which are often already considered to be a 'last resort' for older people.

Care Homes

The care Bluebird Care deliver within our villages continues to advance rapidly, and they're already capable of delivering the support you'd receive in a traditional care home, but in the comfort and privacy of your own apartment.

The benefits are endless and immeasurable. Aside from the independence and pride of the person living in an Inspired apartment, family visits become much more pleasurable too. 

Whereas a move to a care home often means your private living space is limited to a single bedroom, here you have the luxury of your own apartment, and can entertain visiting friends, children and grandchildren without feeling restricted to a crowded communal lounge like in many traditional care settings.

Alternative care options

Home Care (Domiciliary Care)

The social surroundings of our villages counteracts perhaps the biggest problem facing older people - loneliness. Whereas a traditional home care (or domiciliary care) visiting plan might total an hour each day, this still leaves 23 hours of loneliness and isolation each day - that's 690 hours alone every month.

Caring for your body is only part of life in an Inspired Village. We believe that caring for your mind is absolutely paramount. Leisure activities, re-education opportunities and stimulating environments are essential to feeling healthy, sharp and happy.