Pricing of Care and Support

Everything is tailored to your preferences and chosen level of support, so the cost of care varies depending on your personal choices.

We work closely with Bluebird Care, who are our domiciliary care provider of choice at our Villages, charging an hourly rate of just £18.

If a person requires care services on a regular basis, even if just for a short time to help them regain independence following a set-back, an agreement needs to be made between Bluebird Care and the person requiring care – care plans will be drawn up, risk assessments carried out and visits agreed.

The hourly rate for care services during the week is currently £18 for an hour, but people are able to have visits lasting less than that through discussion with the Bluebird team. It is important to note that visits at weekends and bank holidays may incur additional charges, but no care plans will commence without full transparency of costs between the person requiring care and Bluebird Care.

When taking into consideration the basic state funding allowance, this means our optional entry-level care and support service of one hour a day is available from just £56 per week.

Considering that high-end care homes often charge between £1,200 and £1,600 per week, the appeal of the Flexible Care Environments offered by Inspired Villages becomes clear.