Austin Heath Poetry Workshop

Monday 20th June 2022

Local Inspired Villages retirement community Austin Heath is hosting a poetry workshop in collaboration with a well-known poet and playwright. Taking place on Monday 20th June, Inspired Villages is inviting those in the area to participate. 

The workshop aims to bring together younger and older generations to talk about their experiences, emotions, and future desires before crafting poetry together. The poetry will then be performed to use the art form of spoken word poetry to share the wisdom learned from each generation on topics such as love, overcoming challenges, the secret to happiness, as well as aspirations and hopes for time to come.  

The one-day workshop is free to attend and will include:

  • Introduction to spoken word art 
  • How to craft poetry 
  • How to best perform poetry 
  • Pairs crafting poetry together (in partnership with a local school)
  • Opportunity to perform poetry to camera

Nurturing and fostering intergenerational relationships is important to Inspired Villages. We believe in the mutual benefit these relationships bring; the opportunity to learn new skills and wisdom shared across generations. 

We are looking for Grandparents or parents over 65 to participate, and they will be partnered with children from a local school. If you would like to take part, please do let us know by contacting [email protected]

The workshop and resulting poetry will be filmed for a PR campaign promoting the benefits of intergenerational connectedness. Participants would need to provide permission to be filmed and photographed, and for the poetry, film and imagery created to be shared with media for potential publication in online and/or print news sources, as well as across social channels. Full details can be provided to those interested.