Inspired CEO, Jamie Bunce Comments on new Report from the International Longevity Centre UK

"We welcome the findings of the International Longevity Centre UK's new report today, which reveals that there is no place for ageist and ableist stereotypes at work and that this is costing not only individuals but employers and the economy.

“As a country we have a terrible tendency to assume that people of a certain age have little to contribute. This mindset is obsolete in the modern workplace and the latest findings are in line with what we've long said: age is just a number! The fact that both ageism and ableism have been formally banned as part of the Equality Act of 2010 yet such attitudes and actions still exist is real cause for concern. We believe this discrepancy between legality and reality needs to be confronted by leaders and decision makers to help move towards a more inclusive society. The knowledge, understanding and expertise of these groups is not just valid but of fundamental value to our country.

"The idea that some employers view training and professional development as something only for young members of staff is worrying and needs to be addressed immediately, as such bias will only lead to poor health, de-motivation and low job satisfaction among older workers. We frequently see our older residents working and thriving well beyond retirement age, offering their life's experience to those companies willing to welcome them on board. We need to respect and appreciate the people who have come before us. The ongoing ageist and ableist narrative from employers cannot be ignored and requires serious change, to inspire behavioural change in society as a whole.

Read the report here:

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