Inspired Villages resident shares World War II story of heroic daring by his father

Millbrook Village resident Barry Carter has shared the remarkable story of how his father saved his family by shielding them from a bomb dropped on their house during the Blitz in World War II.

Three-year-old Barry, his parents, and his brother were in their home one evening in February 1942 when they heard a whistling sound overhead. When Barry’s father realised that the sound was coming from a falling bomb, he threw himself across the room to cover his family. The bomb hit Barry’s father in the back. 

Incredibly, Barry’s father survived being hit by an incendiary bomb in his back, pulling it out himself, but he sustained serious injuries – doctors had to remove one of his kidneys and repair the other, and he had to undergo several skin grafts over the years.

The incident is Barry’s earliest memory.

To read more about Barry’s experiences of World War II, shared with The Daily Mirror for Remembrance Day 2021, click here.

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