Interview with Inspired Villages' Richard Fenn

With over 30 years experience in the world's most exclusive hospitality venues, we catch up with Inspired’s Director of Leisure and Hotel Services, Richard Fenn.

We catch up with Inspired’s Director of Leisure and Hotel Services, Richard Fenn….

How long have you worked in the hospitality industry?

Over 30 years in the world’s most exclusive hotels, resorts, cruise ships and royal households.  My passion and experience for making people happy through memorable food, attentive service and welcoming facilities is what I’m excited to bring to the Inspired Villages.

Your cooking mantra?

Fresh local produce – we’ve got some fantastic suppliers for our Inspired kitchens.

Describe the Inspired Village eating experience in three words

Relaxed, friendly, unique!

Our brasseries and cafes will be comfortable, welcoming places so people feel relaxed and content spending time in them - whether that’s alone, as a couple or with friends and family.  We aim to make our facilities sociable places where people feel at ease to make new friends and build relationships.  I think that’s what makes us unique – authentic bistro cuisine mixed with a warm, friendly atmosphere.  When people eat with us they experience not only great cooking but also a great way of life.  Not what you might normally expect from a retirement village.

Must-try village activity

That’s a difficult one, there’s so much to choose from.  The Serenity wellness centres are expected to be hugely popular with people relaxing in the peaceful spas or getting support from our wellness experts to achieve their fitness goals in the gym.

That aside I think the ability to try something new is a fantastic opportunity.  From learning how to use a tablet or computer to discovering a new craft like pottery or wicker weaving, our daily activity programme is designed to enrich retirement life whether your 65 or 85.

Local produce to eat now

It’s the season for artichoke – a fantastic ingredient for a starter or side. They taste delicious when simply boiled whole and served with melted butter, mayonnaise, hollandaise or vinaigrette for dipping the leaves. We’ll be updating our specials board daily according to what seasonal produce is available. 

Savoury or sweet?

Savoury every time.  Having travelled extensively and sampled cuisines on all continents it is the savoury dishes that have made a lasting impression.  I am particularly partial to Asian cuisine, which is light, fresh, aromatic and great fun to prepare.

Famous chef you’d love to meet?

In this age of the TV chef it is very difficult to make a choice as many stand out for varying reasons.  It’s wonderful that we have so many British chefs producing fantastic British food.  Rich Stein and Jamie Oliver have been promoting fresh British produce and highlighting great local suppliers for many years, and this is being taken forward by chefs like Tom Kerridge.

Claim to fame

In working in so many exotic and wonderful locations, I have been very fortunate to meet people I would never have dreamt of meeting.  Wherever you are and whoever you are working for you still have to ensure the job is done and that your guests get a fabulous experience.

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