Introducing Cheshire’s first vaccinated village

Gifford Lea announces it has become one of the first communities in the UK to complete the first round of COVID-19 vaccinations for all willing residents and team members.

Through careful planning, Inspired Villages has been able to successfully and proactively support the vaccine rollout for at the 82 residents at Gifford Lea plus team members. Inspired Villages has helped residents with the logistics of getting vaccinated, including helping them with booking individual appointments and travel to their vaccination centres.

Inspired Villages is proud to be able to provide hope for its grateful residents with the first jab, and a tangible timeline for the second vaccine, immunity and a return to normal life.

Gifford Lea resident, Jean Beatty, 91, said: “I couldn’t be more ecstatic, this is the first step towards normality again. I feel great and all residents at the village are now looking to the future!”

Jean Beatty, Gifford Lea resident
Jean Beatty, Gifford Lea resident

Despite circumstances, Inspired Villages has helped its communities through lockdown by socially distanced physical and social activities, giving residents something to look forward to including online and outdoor exercise classes, G&T socials on balconies and patios, and online quizzes. Inspired Villages also offers a ‘Buddy Call’ service which sees Inspired team members regularly call residents to help them stay connected with others, ensure they have everything they need at home, and encourage them to keep moving in lockdown.

Jessica Bennett, village manager at Gifford Lea commented: “We couldn’t be more thrilled to have successfully provided our residents with the first vaccine against coronavirus. It’s been an extremely tough year for all but being able to offer our residents the chance to be one step closer to regaining the independence they cherish and deserve has given everyone a lot of hope.

“We are on hand to support our residents with getting their second dose and can’t wait to open up our facilities again following Government guidance. The day we can embrace families and friends again will be a really special day.”

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