More tea, Ern? New village hub at Austin Heath pays tribute to comedy star

Inspired Warwick is delighted to open the doors to Eric’s – a social hub for residents to meet up for a coffee, enjoy a light lunch, play bridge or any other activity they choose.

Named after much-loved Eric Morecambe, Eric’s pays homage to the legendary comedian and its Warwickshire roots with story-telling fabrics, rich colours and clever castle touches, such as the studs on the chairs and the opulent wall tapestry in the nearby meeting room.

Eric’s sense of fun is depicted through the galleried walls featuring Britain’s best-loved comedians and celebrities who worked with Eric and Ernie Wise’s award-winning double act.

The result is an eclectic mix of medieval flare meets Classic English tea room that feels surprisingly cosy – the sort of place you could curl up with a latte and a good book or chatter with friends for hours on end.

Interior designer, Aiveen Atkinson explains the inspiration behind the unique design:

“Eric’s celebrates traditional English medieval revival but with a fun twist.  Take the quirky gallery, it creates a fun talking point and lightens the atmosphere. We’ve managed to create a sense of space with a dramatic regency mirror that really opens up the room.  The end result is a warm, welcoming environment that will hopefully become a fond part of residents’ everyday lives.”

Eric’s welcomes non-residents and residents for drinks and light refreshments.

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