Why over 80s should consider renting a home in a retirement village

Home ownership is often held up in English society as a significant life goal, and it certainly has its benefits. However, that doesn’t mean renting should be discounted as a great option – it has its perks too for people at different life stages, including for those in their later years.

Moreover, renting a home in a retirement community, such as an Inspired village, comes with extra advantages to ensure renting in your later years is as pleasurable as possible. 

Being able to rightsize more quickly

The maintenance of large homes that were necessary while the children still lived with you can become an unnecessary burden as you get older. Buying a new home to downsize to can be a lengthy experience though due to the chain and sums of money involved. The affordable upfront costs of renting allows you to downsize relatively quickly, however, so you can start enjoying the benefits of your more manageable home sooner. 

Here at Inspired Villages, our dedicated team can provide support through our ‘Moving Package’ to help make your move even easier as well. 

No need to worry about home maintenance

As all homeowners can attest, homes need continued investment in their upkeep, and when something major like the boiler breaks, the financial responsibility lies with you. This can be incredibly stressful as well as expensive, and understandably you may not want to deal with these responsibilities the older you get. Renting means you can pass those responsibilities over to your landlord and relax more. 
Furthermore, when you live in an Inspired village, we have a dedicated on-site maintenance team who can quickly deal with any issue. 

Freeing up capital

Those later, responsibility-free years in life are the perfect time to enjoy travel and new hobbies. Selling a large family home and renting a manageable property without all the financial responsibilities that come with home ownership can free up the cash necessary to finally do that round-the-world trip you’ve been putting off for decades or learn to sail. 
The extra benefit of living in a retirement community like an Inspired village is you can ‘lock up and leave’ to go on your travels. Our villages are secure environments, and the village team can always check in on your property while you’re away, so you can have peace of mind your home is safe.

Flexibility to try living somewhere new

At Inspired Villages, we truly believe your later years can and should be the best years of your life because you have the freedom from work and family commitments to try new things. Those new things may well include living somewhere different. Renting allows you to try out living in a new place without the significant financial commitment of buying a property in that location. That way if you decide it’s not for you, or you want to try other locations too, you can move on more easily. 


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