An Inspired 1000 Mile Challenge... in Support of MIND

Monday 20th May 2019 - Friday 24th May 2019


The Inspired 1,000 Mile Challenge is now over, as members of Inspired Villages’ senior management team covered a demanding 487 road miles! Residents, colleagues and friends of Inspired Villages were also invited to make-up the remaining distance to achieve the full 1,000-miles.


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Live Updates

Friday 24the May

Day Five

They have done it! 487 road miles, over 2,200 miles ridden at Inspired villages on stationary bikes and over 80 miles ridden by friends and family. With over £14,000 raised, there is still time to give anything you can to help such a great cause.

1000 Miles

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Thursday 23rd July

Day Four

The core 10 reached new heights as they cycled 75 miles today and visited another Inspired Village, Great Alne Park, along the way. The team have helped raise a staggering £13,095.62, with donations coming in from friends, family, residents and supporters of the cause.

1000 Miles

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Wednesday 22nd May 219

Day Three

The core 10 made immense progress today, as they continued on their expedition – cycling 104-miles north towards Warwickshire. Meanwhile at our seven villages, residents, colleagues and friends of Inspired Villages top up the mileage on stationary bikes. Durrants heads into the lead with 412 miles! 

1000 Miles

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Tuesday 21st May 2019

Day Two

The core team are in high spirits as they visit Bramshott and Durrants on their 119 mile leg of the 1000 Mile Challenge. The team were joined by Dr Dawn Harper in the glorious sunshine. 

1000 Miles

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Monday 20th May 2019

And we're off!

The Inspired 1000 Mile Challenge has begun as the core team set off this morning from Milbrook on the first day of their expedition. The team were cheered on by family, friends, colleagues, residents, Julia Bradbury and BBC Radio Devon!

1000 Miles - Day 1

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The results are in!

After installing state-of-the-art static bikes in all of our villages, each village has been battling it out to cycle the most miles for MIND.

1st Millbrook - 679 miles
2nd Durrants - 560 miles
3rd Great Alne Park - 362 miles
4th Gifford Lea - 280 miles
5th Bramshott - 210 miles
6th Austin Heath - 137 miles
7th Ledian Gardens - 50.5 miles

Congratulations Millbrook!

1000 Miles team

Donate and help us support MIND…

The ten Inspired team members cycled the exhausting 487 miles and many residents, colleagues and Inspired friends also participated. If you would like to donate to our chosen charity MIND, please click on the link below.

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