Supporting the wellbeing and longevity of the United Kingdom’s over 65s

Inspired 7500 mile bike ride

We are hugely excited to announce the Inspired 7,500-mile Challenge!

The Inspired Challenge is a fundraising activity that aims to bring people together to feel good, challenge themselves and support a common goal. The cause we’re supporting for the 2024 Inspired Challenge is Prostate Cancer Awareness. It’s a subject very close to the heart of our CEO, Jamie Bunce, after his school friend, Justin, sadly passed away at just 53 years old. You can hear more about Justin’s story here.

The disease affects 1 in 8 men in the UK - fathers, brothers, sons and husbands so it’s likely we all know someone whose life has been impacted by this. Awareness and early detection can be the key to survival and we want to spread the word on the steps people can take to stay on top of their prostate health, and their overall wellbeing.

So, as we take our challenge to each of our villages, we are also bringing the message that self-care is paramount. As well as encouraging people to take advantage of PSA tests available to those over 50 from your GP, we will also be undertaking a number of PSA test throughout the duration of the challenge. From construction sites where we’re creating a new community, to residents across our village network and many places in between.

When we come together, we can achieve amazing things and if we can raise awareness, and save just one life, it’s been a success. We will shortly be sharing details of where PSA tests will be available throughout the route and giving people the chance to book a spot. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more information. You can also donate to our fund here. 


Our 2024 Challenge ethos is to get involved, challenge yourself, make a difference, and change a life. We will achieve 7,500 miles of inspiration, supporting overall health assessment and focusing on raising awareness of prostate health of men over 50. We are inspired by personal stories like Justin's and those from our colleagues and residents, so many of whom have been impacted by prostate cancer.

Introducing Inspired Communities

At Inspired Village, we are committed to supporting the wellbeing and longevity of the United Kingdom’s over 65s. By giving people more healthy years, we hope to rewrite the narrative on ageing. We are encouraging people to take small steps towards a healthier life. In 2024 and beyond, our key focus is raising awareness of positive health interventions that support disease prevention and highlighting the importance of self-care.

Inspired Communities is all about bringing our wellbeing model to those who need it most. Inspired residents benefit from a host of facilities on their doorstep to promote a healthier, connected lifestyle. This circle of support prioritises their mental and physical wellbeing in equal measures. The positive impact of these interventions is palpable and proven. A reduction in biological age, never or hardly ever feeling lonely and a sense of

belonging within the community we’ve created. The best years of their life. The app seeks to bring these benefits to people’s fingertips, far and wide.

Although still in development phases, the app is available and will be a key tool for over 65s to support their wellbeing and monitor their health.

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